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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Reviews

What "People" Are saying about the book and poems:

"Eternally Yours: Poetry for People" by Delia Faith Ross is a collection of poetry straight from the heart.  Awe inspiring photos complement the prose with every turn of the page, while still allowing the meaning behind the printed words to have their say. The deepest feelings of human emotion are explored in 'Meika's Dawn' as the author expresses their feelings of loss for one held dear.  One surprise within the poem that bears the book's name was a momentary loss of composure and the expulsion of words often frowned upon in polite society, however here you can see that it's merely the author's heart speaking while at a loss for a suitable expression of grief.  Perhaps the simplest of lines yet most moving to this reader was this gem full of promise and hope..."It's not who you are or what you were but what you may become..."; a rather fitting sentiment for those at the beginning of their journey as well as those simply seeking a new direction.  In the end, our lives are about the journey, not the destination...this book of prose serves as a reminder to cherish each moment no matter how big or small for a lifetime of memories to cherish.  
-GM Reba- P C Beach, Florida 

A powerful landmark book, insightful investigation and work of passion. This book is excellent, its poems deserves to be heard.

-Linda Lott- Greenwood, Mississippi

Your touch of poetry is very dark and I am seeing Gothic in style. Hence, I find it unique, interesting and so full of emotions...I am completely amazed with your poems; I am your biggest fan. You should be aware how sophisticated your masterpieces are. On my honest opinion, it's classy, every line holds a deeper and interesting thought on it and the emotion is grounded to something very true that it creates a huge impact to the reader. If I were to describe the journey, it was like entering to a dark room without knowing that there is a surprise gift waiting for me. Everything is image-rich, as James Douglas Morrison would always portray his poetry, songs and films.

-Manuel Adolfo- Bloomington, Indiana

I'm reading your poems, Delia, they really are the thoughts of a woman, and what adds some values to them is the fact you went through a tough life and kept this fragile feminine breathing that compels boys to take care of girls. It's always difficult to speak of love experiences without sounding childish somewhat, but I think you can express these fragile emotions with simple and deep expressions - there's a hidden balance between the local, human, unavoidable suffering and a link with something above that suffers too, silently...

-Frederick Martin -Paris, France

I read the excerpt [Black Star] last night, very interesting. I thought in several directions... As I see it, poetry should inspire thought, if not question the author. I liked it!

"God Carries Us All On" is a beautiful poem - I feel like it needs to be sung with a rock guitar and the voice of fallen angel - Your work carries the sense of the world that lies beneath the surface of what we all see. Keep up the great work!

-Kenny Kalinowski- Springfield, Missouri

Eternally Yours
By: Delia Ross
ISBN: 1-4415-7134-5 (Picture Book - SB )
ISBN13: 978-1-4415-7134-2 (Picture Book - SB )
ISBN: 1-4500-1693-6 (Picture Book - HB )
ISBN13: 978-1-4500-1693-3 (Picture Book - HB )

Pages : 78
Book Format :Portrait 8.5 x 11
Subject :
POETRY / General

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