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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Reviews

What "People" Are saying about the book and poems:

"Eternally Yours: Poetry for People" by Delia Faith Ross is a collection of poetry straight from the heart.  Awe inspiring photos complement the prose with every turn of the page, while still allowing the meaning behind the printed words to have their say. The deepest feelings of human emotion are explored in 'Meika's Dawn' as the author expresses their feelings of loss for one held dear.  One surprise within the poem that bears the book's name was a momentary loss of composure and the expulsion of words often frowned upon in polite society, however here you can see that it's merely the author's heart speaking while at a loss for a suitable expression of grief.  Perhaps the simplest of lines yet most moving to this reader was this gem full of promise and hope..."It's not who you are or what you were but what you may become..."; a rather fitting sentiment for those at the beginning of their journey as well as those simply seeking a new direction.  In the end, our lives are about the journey, not the destination...this book of prose serves as a reminder to cherish each moment no matter how big or small for a lifetime of memories to cherish.  
-GM Reba- P C Beach, Florida 

A powerful landmark book, insightful investigation and work of passion. This book is excellent, its poems deserves to be heard.

-Linda Lott- Greenwood, Mississippi

Your touch of poetry is very dark and I am seeing Gothic in style. Hence, I find it unique, interesting and so full of emotions...I am completely amazed with your poems; I am your biggest fan. You should be aware how sophisticated your masterpieces are. On my honest opinion, it's classy, every line holds a deeper and interesting thought on it and the emotion is grounded to something very true that it creates a huge impact to the reader. If I were to describe the journey, it was like entering to a dark room without knowing that there is a surprise gift waiting for me. Everything is image-rich, as James Douglas Morrison would always portray his poetry, songs and films.

-Manuel Adolfo- Bloomington, Indiana

I'm reading your poems, Delia, they really are the thoughts of a woman, and what adds some values to them is the fact you went through a tough life and kept this fragile feminine breathing that compels boys to take care of girls. It's always difficult to speak of love experiences without sounding childish somewhat, but I think you can express these fragile emotions with simple and deep expressions - there's a hidden balance between the local, human, unavoidable suffering and a link with something above that suffers too, silently...

-Frederick Martin -Paris, France

I read the excerpt [Black Star] last night, very interesting. I thought in several directions... As I see it, poetry should inspire thought, if not question the author. I liked it!

"God Carries Us All On" is a beautiful poem - I feel like it needs to be sung with a rock guitar and the voice of fallen angel - Your work carries the sense of the world that lies beneath the surface of what we all see. Keep up the great work!

-Kenny Kalinowski- Springfield, Missouri

Eternally Yours
By: Delia Ross
ISBN: 1-4415-7134-5 (Picture Book - SB )
ISBN13: 978-1-4415-7134-2 (Picture Book - SB )
ISBN: 1-4500-1693-6 (Picture Book - HB )
ISBN13: 978-1-4500-1693-3 (Picture Book - HB )

Pages : 78
Book Format :Portrait 8.5 x 11
Subject :
POETRY / General

Eternally Yours: Poetry for People Now Available!

Immerse yourself into a collection of meaningful and emotive poetry in Eternally Yours: Poetry for People and look into the profound thoughts and emotions of poet-author Delia Ross…

This collection of poetry gives face and life to love, passion, desire, pain, relationship, faith, worthwhile memories, and goodbyes. Each verse is an expression of an all-embracing theme—a reflection of a beautiful or poignant story, experience, or reality. At times, her poetry resembles the dark matter of space; it is filled with something invisible that readers cannot see, but they could feel its depth down to its meaning.You will glide into the colorful and distinctive realm of life where a touch of something different and a dash of somewhat extraordinary is felt.

ISBN10: 1-4415-7134-5 (Picture Book - Soft Cover )
ISBN13: 978-1-4415-7134-2 (Picture Book - Soft Cover )
ISBN10: 1-4500-1693-6 (Picture Book - Hard Cover )
ISBN13: 978-1-4500-1693-3 (Picture Book - Hard Cover )

Pages : 80
Book Format : Portrait 8.5 x 11

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  Eternally Yours                                                              

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I want out. Let me Out.

Okay, so maybe we haven’t all been there. But there comes a time when perhaps the majority of us feels that there should be more… that there could be more… if only. So why is it so hard for people to just stop? Sure I love my car, my home, my belongings as much as the next person. But, do I love it enough to be a slave for it? I have become a prisoner of my environment. And while I’ve driven down that road many times knowing that I don’t want to go down there, I continue to do so. Only this time I am aware of my situation. I look around and I see that people are not aware. That they believe this is how life should really be. They fear the system and they long for that fear. People don’t really want to be free. They wouldn’t know what to do with freedom. Yet people complain and gripe about wanting it. We know that the oil companies make too much money. So why don’t we all just stop using oil? What if we all took a stand and put our hands up and told the government how it should be. Isn’t this how it should work anyway? The government should be here for the people, not the people for the government. We are slaves. Jim Morrison realized this when he exclaimed, “You’re all a bunch of slaves, What are you gonna do about it”? It seems like a lot of people that have “unplugged” have wound up dead. It seems the NWO is not without a sense of irony. Yet, I’m as guilty as the next person. My ideal of standing up is running away. Far away. Like to Tibet or the Moon even. The problem is one person cannot stand on his own. The majority of people feel the government is too powerful to overthrow. This is an illusion you’ve been made to feel. Turn off your television, stop eating fast food, and open your eyes. Global Warming is real. The New World Order is real. Money, power, fame, hate, racism, lying, cheating, dog eat dog, is not the answer. Love is. It’s the meaning to everything. Love comes in many forms. So if you feel love is a dying cause- love someone. Love many. And by this I don’t mean cheat on your partner. You would think after all these years of evolution mankind would get something right. Man. Man happens to be the cause of every problem in the world. Just look back on the history of things. Slavery. And now we have this form of freedom but it is wool over our eyes. We are slaves.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I made the news! Watch on OzarksFirst.Com

Watch video here:

Military Veteran Achieves Education Dream (Delia Ross)

(Springfield, MO) -- Proud families and friends watched as more than a hundred graduates got their degrees from the University of Phoenix in Springfield Saturday. Delia Ross was one of them.

Ross worked for years to get her diploma, but it's her journey that sets her apart.

"I was on active duty so I didn't have time to do school," said Ross.

Ross joined the military in 2001. She wanted to serve her country and work towards her college degree. However, just months after signing up, the World Trade Center attacks destroyed her chances of a quiet service.

"I was stationed in Germany," Ross said. "I've [also] been deployed to Kuwait and Iraq."

She helped soldiers and civilians as a medic in Iraq. All the while, she tried to be the best parent possible to her now 13-year-old daughter.

"I'm a single parent so it's good that I have good family support who can help out with my daughter for the times that I have to leave," Ross said.

"[We are] very proud of her very proud of her," said Linda Lott, Ross's aunt.

Although battles held up the books for years, Ross finally achieved her dream and completed her journey from deployment to diploma on Saturday.

"It's just amazing to finally get there," said Ross.

Ross plans to continue her education.

Aside from here career in the Department of Defense and working in the reserves, Ross is also a poet. She even has a book of her work published.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Black Star

To dream a life of pleasure,
Reside a world of hell.
Demands partial reason,
Denies existence well.
A star so dimly lit,
Still reached the darkest soul.
And in her heart he bit,
Consumed it left a hole.

© 2009. Delia Ross. All Rights Reserved